The Futurestates series, the Independent TV Service, and PBS selected 7 filmmakers for Season 5. Each episode presents a different filmmakers vision of American society projected forward, fusing an exploration of social issues with elements of speculative and science fiction.

This episode follows Johnner Rawls, a young, injured veteran returning home from combat now fitted with advanced prosthetics. With these new parts, he finds it difficult transitioning back with his family and securing a job. Rawls eventually finds work driving a truck for an e-waste facility this is where e-Recycling of California comes to play. Parts of the episode were  filmed at our Paramount and Irvine Facilities.

With the help of the US Veterans Administration, writer-director Trevin Matcek extensively researched prosthetic technology, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and interviewed veterans about their experiences.  To view this episode follow the link below: