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ERC manually dismantles Computer Towers, Laptops, Servers and Copiers that may contain Hard Drives with personal information. All Hard Drives are dismantled and our processing methods render the data storage plates destroyed. Information Containing Devices (ICD’s) are typically processed on a first-in, first-out basis. ICD’s are secured until processing. If you require additional Assured Destruction Services such as Hard Drive Extraction, On-Site Destruction, Sanitization, Degaussing, Asset Tag Tracking and Removal please refer to our Assured Destruction & Other Services Section below.


You may schedule an Assured Destruction appointment and witness your proprietary, licensed product and/or hard drive destroyed and recycled.

We also offer asset tag tracking, notary service, and Certificates of Destruction and Recycling which are available upon request.


Hard Drive/Media/SIM Cards

  • In Plant or On-Site Certified Destruction of Information Containing Devices (ICD’s) such as Hard Drives tracked and destroyed to various industry standards such as FDIC, HIPPA, NAID, or NIST
  • Proprietary Product Assured Destruction (In-Plant projects can be scheduled and witnessed photo/video evidence)
  • Employee Dishonesty Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance


High Capacity shredding services (available at the Paramount Plant only). A sample set of items may be required for an accurate estimate. We offer UPS shipping of samples contact your ERC sales professional.