Wire Processing

Our commitment to zero waste is exemplified in our Wire Processing operation. The wire is sorted the connectors, wire casing, and insulation is removed. Our equipment then outputs metal and copper. One hundred percent of the wire byproduct is recycled. The insulation is used in asphalt products in California minimizing carbon footprint and saving valuable resources.

Our commitment to zero waste is exemplified in our Wire Processing operation. We remove the connectors, wire casing, and insulation. Each output produces marketable byproducts such as copper and metal. The insulation is used in asphalt products in California. One hundred percent of the wire is recycled, minimizing the carbon footprint, and saving valuable resources.


Container and Packaging Solutions

ERC can provide you with a myriad of container solutions such as our proprietary “e-Racks.” Plant managers and supervisors prefer our e-Recycling Racks because they have seen a reduction in the injuries often associated with palletizing electronic waste.


Dimensions: 4’ x 4’ x 5’
Payload: 800 lbs

Notes: Our e-Racks are steel framed with wood sides, with a removable fourth wall and lipped door that slides into place. Each e-Rack has a sign with its tare weight and a short list of items that can be placed into the container, as well as an asset number and our toll-free phone number for ease of collection. Please note that you can cover and lock our e-Recycling Racks as necessary to deter theft.

Other Containers & Supplies

3-Yard Bins: Standard
3-Yard Bins: Secured

50′ Flat Bed Trailers
50’ Enclosed Van

Gaylord Boxes
Shrink Wrap


Ask your Sales Professional to advise you on the best service solution for your facility.

Freight Payload Table

Vehicle Bobtail Flatbed Vans 27′ – 45′
Max Qty of Containers 10 – 14 22 Loose Loaded
Max Qty of Pallets 12 22 – 24 22 – 44 Gaylords & Pallets
Max e-Recycling 10 22 11
Max Lbs. 12,000 34,000 12,000 – 34,000
Max Tons 6 17 6 – 17

ERC owns, operates, and manages all transportation logistics. We can accommodate requests within 72 hours. There are no minimums. ERC reserves the right to sub-contract and schedule back-haul loads if necessary.

Asset Transfer Promise

Our customer service staff has consistently maintained the highest marks for on-time pick-up service. We operate both route and on-call service. You can be confident that your asset transfer is loaded and transported to our facilities for recycling using Best Management Practices.

Copper Yokes scaled

E-Waste Commodity

As a result of our de-manufacturing processes, we have the selling power to help you gain more value on your commodities. Contact our e-commodity division at info@erecyclingofca.com.

Appliance Recycling

For information about our Appliance Recycling Program contact: mcraine@erecyclingofca.com

Asset Management

ERC can handle any move-in, move-out, or equipment upgrading project. From a single office transition to a building transition or a complete company-wide overhaul. We can manage all your e-waste recycling needs. We have managed large projects like the California Department of Motor Vehicles equipment upgrade at over two hundred locations.

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  • California Regulated Annual Training Instruction
  • CalRecycle Reporting
  • Universal Waste Management Training
  • Federal and State Legislation and Regulation Updates