The reason why e-Recycling of California never sent it’s (your) glass to Closed Loop Recycling.


As you are probably aware yet another site has been exposed in Arizona for  stockpiling CRT glass.  A significant amount of this glass came from California.

The same company, Closed Loop Recycling had an additional warehousing operation in Columbus, Ohio.  Rough estimates show that Closed Loop has accumulated a combined total between the two sites of approximately 91 million pounds!

e-Recycling of California has never shipped any CRT glass to Closed Loop.

e-Recycling of California actually processes and continues to process the CRT glass in Irvine, CA where the DTSC regularly inspects the facility.

During the past few years the electronics recycling industry has struggled to remain economically viable.  The dramatic drop in commodity prices, the increasing cost of labor and the narrowing of sites to discard hazardous material has created an environment for some businesses to use short cuts in order to remain competitive.  Some recyclers have made the unethical decision to ship whole units to organizations that simply dump their e-waste in violation of environmental law and in some cases human rights laws.   E-Waste dumping is illegal and immoral.  These devices contain toxic materials like lead, cadmium and mercury and when illegally dumped contaminate soil and groundwater.   Worst of all a human health risk is created when the printed circuit boards are illegally burned to extract the precious metals.

You, your company, the communities, and customers you serve can rest assured that your e-waste is being handled in an environmentally safe manner following state and federal regulations.  There is a cost for handling e-waste to ensure that the material is processed to meet environmentally set standards.  But there is even a greater cost (potential civil and criminal) for not adhering to state and federal regulations.

We appreciate and value your faith in e-Recycling of California as your recycler especially in these tough economic times.  Thank you for continuing to partner with e-Recycling of California, protecting the environment for generations to come.

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 By Bobby Elliott, E-Scrap News

CRT outlet Closed Loop nears collapse

April 14, 2016

“The most recent storage estimates available suggest there is at least 91 million pounds of CRT material on the ground in Ohio and Arizona. That number could be a low estimate, however.”

– Closed Loop’s Arizona landlord